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    We have some wicked new shirts which we are really proud of and wanted to say a massive thank you for your support so far!
    The Background
    We started MR.G'S 3 years ago (!) and the intention was always for it to be fun and a bit of a side project. Like all small businesses we were keen to get testing our products as soon as possible. We got selling right away, which was in hindsight maybe not the best thing to do; the quality of our products was sometimes maybe left wanting. We have had issues with shrinking and sizing and delivery to name but a few. You have however been a key supporter of us, even if slightly unknowingly, so thank you. 
    Since those early days, and more specifically, over this last year we have worked really hard to produce a better quality shirt; a better quality shirt with the same easy-going feel. 
    The Fit
    These new designs have the same basic principles and easy hang but the measurements have been tweaked just a little to give you comfortable and stylish fit.

    The Fabric
    The fabric is the same. 113gs/m2 for the Poplin Cotton, and a 120gs/m2 for the Viscose. This ensures that lightweight, breathable and super comfortable feel. What we have done though is introduce a second phase washing technique to guarantee there is no major shrinkage after the first wash. 
    The Size
    This has been about quality control and we have ensured that firstly the sizes are true to size, and secondly that there are no disparities between two of the same size.
    We have worked with some amazing creatives to produce a beautiful finished rpoduct that anyone would surely be happy to receive as a gift.

    The Environment
    We believe that any customer in today's environment needs to buy without guilt and without conscience, knowing that their product has been made and created with as little impact as possible. Through ___ printing techniques in UK, to no plastic throughout, we have taken care of this. In addition the quality is such that these shoiirts are not only made to last a season, they will get better with age. 
    Thank you for helping us get to this stage, and please use ____ to get 20% off your next order
    In addition, if there are any MR.G'S in your locker which for whatever reason aren't quite right, be it the colours aren't quite right, or they have shrunk to the size of a crisp packet, please send them to us and we will give you 20% off another shirt.
    Thank you, and here's to a bright 2020.